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Applications for 2022 Summer Education Program is Now Open

The Institute for Technology & Global Health (ITGH) 2022 Summer Education Program is an opportunity for students - both undergraduate and graduate - who are interested in social impact, to work on real-world projects and engage in research, alongside faculty from leading academic institutions and practitioners in government, multilateral organizations, and the private sector. The program, focused on the intersection of health, technology, and society, will run from June 6th to July 29th 2022 and combines an initial period of intensive coursework and case studies, followed by research or events and communications activities. The program regularly invites speakers who are leaders in their fields to meet with students. These sessions provide an invaluable opportunity for program participants to interact with leading experts.

This year's virtual program is divided into two tracks:

1) Research

2) Events and Communications

The ITGH Research Track is for those students who are interested in exploring policy-relevant questions centered on the interaction between technology, health, and public policy. It is an especially useful opportunity for students who intend to continue to research-based graduate programs.

The ITGH Events and Communications Track is for students who are primarily interested in practice and science communications. It provides an opportunity to develop and produce materials aimed at communicating the current landscape on health, technology, and policy issues, to a general audience.

Application deadline: March 14th


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