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Publication: Ethics Principles for Artificial Intelligence–Based Telemedicine for Public Health

Journal: American Journal of Public Health

Authors: SimonaTiribelli PhD, AnnabelleMonnot MSc, Syed F. H.Shah BA, MB BChir, Anmol Arora MB BChir, Ping J.Toong , and SokanhaKong MPhil


The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of telemedicine has grown exponentially over the past decade, along with the adoption of AI-based telemedicine to support public health systems.

Although AI-based telemedicine can open up novel opportunities for the delivery of clinical health and care and become a strong aid to public health systems worldwide, it also comes with ethical risks that should be detected, prevented, or mitigated for the responsible use of AI-based telemedicine in and for public health. However, despite the current proliferation of AI ethics frameworks, thus far, none have been developed for the design of AI-based telemedicine, especially for the adoption of AI-based telemedicine in and for public health.

We aimed to fill this gap by mapping the most relevant AI ethics principles for AI-based telemedicine for public health and by showing the need to revise them via major ethical themes emerging from bioethics, medical ethics, and public health ethics toward the definition of a unified set of 6 AI ethics principles for the implementation of AI-based telemedicine. (Am J Public Health. 2023;113(5):577–584.


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