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Join the Harvard-MIT Health, Technology, and Policy Working Group

The Institute for Technology & Global Health (ITGH) is a hub for research, innovation, and development, with an aim to explore new frontiers in public health technologies and their socio-economic impact. ITGH spun out of PathCheck Foundation, which was founded at the MIT Media Lab by faculty and graduate students from both MIT and Harvard, to develop advanced public health technologies. Today, ITGH's core leadership spans the globe, though our roots remain entrenched within the communities of the two academic institutions. Among the several key positions within the organization, Dr. Alexander Radunsky, who completed his doctoral studies at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health serves as the institute's Director of Global Health and Policy, Khahlil Louisy at the Harvard Kennedy School is President, Professor Julian Zlatev at the Harvard Business School advises research, Professor Simona Tiribelli of both MIT and the University of Macerata in Italy is our Director of AI and Tech Ethics, and Dr. Cristina Sanchez, a pharmacogeneticist from Spain, serves as Director of Education & Programs. The institute is currently engaged in several projects at the intersection of public and global health, technology, economics, and governance, with several partners including the World Health Organization and International Telecommunications Union. Following expressions of interest from students, we are exploring a weekly or bi-weekly working group, where we may engage on independent research, our ongoing projects, or students could propose new lines of inquiry that they would like to explore, with support from ITGH. Please complete this survey if you are interested in participating in the proposed working group. Interest Survey


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