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Apply to the Institute's Health, Technology, & Society Summer Education Program

Health, Technology, & Society Summer Education Program The Institute for Technology & Global Health (ITGH) 2023 Summer Education Program is an opportunity for students - both undergraduate and graduate (masters)- who are interested in social impact, to work on real-world projects and engage in research, alongside faculty from leading academic institutions and practitioners in government, multilateral organizations, and the private sector. Typically, a cohort of 15 students are admitted each year. Doctoral students are encouraged to apply to our fellowship program. The virtual program, focused on the intersection of health, technology, and society, will run from June 5th to July 28th, 2023 and combines an initial period of intensive coursework and seminar, followed by research activities. Please note that research projects typically extend beyond the eight-week program and students who demonstrate commitment to scholarly work are given the opportunity to continue working on their projects throughout the academic year, alongside a faculty advisor, if they wish to. Others may complete the program on the 28th. For this year's program, students also have the opportunity to apply for a paid-research position. Non-Harvard University affiliates will be granted a formal affiliation with the university. The student will be affiliated with the Bloomberg Center for Cities at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and will work on the Community Data Health Initiative, as part of the Data Smart City Solutions team. This position will provide an opportunity for students to immediately apply their training from the summer program to real-world challenges. Interested applicants for this position may indicate so on the summer education program's application. A full description of the position may be viewed here. The program regularly invites speakers who are leaders in their fields to meet with students. These sessions provide an invaluable opportunity for program participants to interact with leading experts. Mandatory Courses in the two-week period: Health, Economics, & Public Policy Program Design and Evaluation Research Methods Ethics of AI, Technology & Society Science Communications Seminar in Health, Technology, & Society Admitted students must demonstrate coding ability, either through official transcripts or certification program. Those without coding experience will be required to take coding classes with DataCamp, offered via ITGH, and at no cost. The coding classes must be completed prior to the start of the summer program. Admissions decisions will be sent in April 2023, well before the start of the program giving students sufficient time to complete coding classes.

Dr. Cristina Sánchez Director, Education & Programs


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